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  • Complete skates

    BOEN skates are the synthesis of all our work. Each component is built using the best quality materials and processed with extreme precision. The assembly is carried out with accuracy in order to ensure maximum performance and reliability.

  • Boots

    We at BOEN are firmly convinced that the boot is the crux of the skate. Our concept of perfect skating boot is focused on the search for maximum comfort and support. For these reason, BOEN boots are designed exclusively for speed and are made with extreme accuracy using the best materials to ensure the right combination of aesthetics and performance.

  • Frames

    The frame is a very important factor in a skate. We believe that the quality of the materials and the precision in processing are the key features to ensure maximum performance. Contrary to what many think, the frame should not be too rigid but must have the right weight-strong ratio. Our range of frames focuses on this concept. They are designed exclusively for speed skating and each  processing is performed with extreme precision to ensure maximum functionality and reliability.

  • Wheels

    Boen offers high-end in-line skating wheels. The types of wheel we have selected for you ensure the highest quality and performance.

  • Bearings

    Boen offers high quality skate bearings. The types of bearings we have selected for you ensure the maximum performance.

  • Parts & accessories

    Boen offers a wide range of accessories and original spare-parts of the highest quality.

  • Backpacks / Wheelsbags

    Here you can find our proposal of backpacks and accessories that allow you to always carry your skates and equipment with extreme comfort.

  • Protection

    Roller skating is really fun but it is needed make it with the appropriate equipment. For this reason Boen offers helmets and other quality accessories to allow anyone to skate in safety.