BOEN is in the business of building competition roller-skate products for over sixtyfive years. Across the world, BOEN is the byword for quality, leading-edge technology and safety applied to the fascinating world of roller-skates. BOEN company works only with highest quality materials, so as to obtain best reliability, and reduced weight, typical features of today's competition skates.

Nearly all utensils are custom built by BOEN, which has developed its own manufacturing technology in addition to the technical product innovation. Every component is designed and manufactured inside our factory with the same "passion" since the first day.

Today's BOEN, with its machinery and work methods is the logical continuation of BOEN as it was sixtyfive years ago. Every new design was based on habit of costantly keeping a close eye on the market developments, togerher with a continuous research for the best possible combination of performance and aesthetics, with great care of every details.