• HURRICANE 4x110
    FF A1 4x110

    Frame size: 336mm (13.20”) Frame...

    127,54 € 147,54 €

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  • Complete skates

    The BOEN quad skates are designed for racing roller skating. Each component is built using the best quality materials. The assembly is carried out with extreme care in order to ensure maximum performance and reliability.

  • Shoes

    The BOEN shoes are designed exclusively for speed roller skating, and are made with extreme accuracy using the best materials in order to obtain footwear that can offer the optimal comfort and maximum functionality.

  • Frames

    The BOEN quad frames are designed exclusively for speed skating. Each working process is carried out with extreme precision to ensure maximum functionality and reliability.

  • Parts & accessories

    Boen offers a wide range of accessories and original spare-parts of the highest quality.

  • Wheels

    Boen offers high-end wheels for roller-skating. The types of wheels we have selected for you ensure the maximum performance both on road and track.

  • Bearings

    Boen offers high quality skate bearings. The types of bearings we have selected for you ensure the maximum performance.

  • Protection

    Roller skating is really fun but it is highly recommended practice it with the appropriate equipment. For this reason Boen offers helmets and other quality accessories to allow anyone to skate in safety.

  • Backpacks / Wheels bags