MACH6 3x110+1x100

New product

  • Frame size: 328mm (23.90”)
  • Frame material: 7108 HR Aluminium alloy
  • Axles material: 7075 Aluminium alloy
  • Frame weight: 208g. excl. axles (222g. incl. axles)
  • Wheels/Maximum diameter: 3/110+1/100mm
  • Boot mounting spacing: 1x180+1x195mm
  • Deck height: Front 46/51mm - Rear 57/62mm


122,95 €

More info

Boen frames have been specifically designed for elite speed skaters and built using the finest materials to deliver maximum performance. They are made out from a double-void extrusion in 7108 HR (T6) special aluminium alloy, calibrated to ensure perfect alignment, carefully deburred, polished and anodised including all the graphics (which are made using a permanent special print process). Equipped with our original ‘Rapidline’ mounting axle system (single screwed axles) and with the anti-interferance bearing system (rounded tiers) to eliminate any possibility of bearing interference, allowing to fit any skate bearing type (608, 688, 698). Axles (thread M7X1) are made in 7075 HR aluminium alloy and have an extra-deep exagon cavity to prevent stripping. The new Mach frame design also allowed to obtain a better weight-strength ratio. Frame set includes axles and assembly wrench.