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Balls: 6 lightweight ceramic ZrO2 (in zirconium oxide)
Shield: Z (open on one side)
Cage: Thermoplastic material
Raceways: Stainless steel material
Lubricant: Super light low friction oil
Classification: ABEC11
Weigth: 10gr./each

80,16 €

-10,00 €

90,16 €

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These high-end ceramic bearings offers minimum rolling friction and maximum speed. They are made by using high quality materials and precisely manufactured. The ceramic balls are much lighter, harder, stronger, and longer lasting than the finest steel balls and offer optimized performance even in harsh operating conditions. "Hybrid" bearings offer advantages such as:

Ability to withstand higher speeds
The density of the zirconium oxide rolling elements is 40% lower than that of the same sized rolling elements made of steel. Low weight and lower inertia allow higher speeds and excellent performance.

Long service life
The reduction of frictional heat produced in hybrid bearings contributes to prolonging the service life and the interval between maintenance interventions, especially at high speeds.

Increased stiffness of the bearings
Thanks to the high modulus of elasticity, the hybrid bearings offer greater rigidity. Reduction of the risk of flaking The risk of deburring between zirconium oxide and steel surfaces is reduced even under inadequate lubrication conditions.

Reduction of the risk of false brinelling
If exposed to vibration, the hybrid bearings are significantly less susceptible to false brinelling (formation of superficial depressions in the tracks) between the zirconium oxide and steel surfaces.

Reduced sensitivity to thermal variations
The rolling elements in silicon nitride have a lower thermal expansion coefficient, therefore they are more stable to thermal variations inside the bearings and allow a more accurate control of preload / clearance.

 Sold in pack of 16 pieces.