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  • Complete skates

    Our quad package skates are designed for artistic roller skating. Each component is built using the best quality materials. The assembly is carried out with extreme care in order to ensure maximum performance and reliability.

  • Boots

    The artistic shoes we offer are made with extreme accuracy using the best materials in order to obtain footwear that can offer the best comfort and to allow maximum functionality.

  • Frames

    The BOIANI frames are designed exclusively for artistic roller skating. Each working process is carried out with extreme precision to ensure maximum functionality and reliability.

  • Parts & accessories

    We offers a wide range of accessories and original spare-parts of the highest quality.

  • Wheels

    The STAR artistic wheels does not need any introduction. Everyone knows that the wide range of wheels that we propose has always been the benchmark for high-level athletes from around the world. Each wheel is formulated with the goal of providing the highest reliability and performance on all types of track, even the most slippery. Still today STAR wheels are considered the top of the specialty!

  • Bearings

    We offer high quality bearings for artistic skating able to ensure the maximum performance.

  • Skate Bags / Wheels Bags